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For Les Vignobles Villebois, this wine was initially an opportunity to honor a name, that of Jean-Claude Dagueneau. Since his passing, we now rely on the vigilance of his wife: Evelyne. Jean-Claude Dagueneau was one of those who launched Pouilly-Fumé onto the world stage. Boasting the "Silex" terroirs, situated at the high points of the appellation, the estate surrounds the mound of Saint-Andelain. There, under the watchful eye of Evelyne and with the help of Damien, the oenologist, wines of great minerality are crafted and celebrated for their flinty aromas.

So, beyond the specifics of the land and its rows of vines, it is the gaze of this woman that matters above all. Evelyne, who has become the Eve of our "Cuvée d’Ève," watches over it. What her husband created, she continues. 

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