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A unique grape, thousands of journeys.

The wines of Les Vignobles Villebois have been carefully chosen by knowledgeable collectors, gourmet connoisseurs, and passionate enthusiasts. Joost de Willebois has identified the vineyard plots that best express the winemaking tradition of the Loire in all its richness, history, and diversity, with a focus on the emblematic grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc.

Our wines carry the essence of the Loire, capturing its distinctive character towards other horizons far from the riverbanks where they were born. They become the ambassadors of the centuries-old history of a region. They transmit something of its art-de-vivre. 

A journey

along the Loire River

Navigate through the map and click on the vineyards to discover our different appellations and the estates that reveal them.

Click on the vineyards to discover our estates.

A certain gentleness combined with a distinctive art of distinction.

A great history lived down to the smallest of parcels.


The Val de Loire, is…


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Protected Designation of Origin

Sauvignon Blanc:


Among all white grape varieties, Sauvignon Blanc is not only one of the oldest but perhaps the most Ligurian, as it is said to originate from the banks of the Loire. Is this why the vineyards along the river still pay tribute to it today through prestigious appellations such as Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, through the work of thousands of artisan winemakers?


Its vine roots thrive in cool soils of limestone, clay, or flint, which contribute to the excellence of Loire terroirs. Its grapes, with their golden yellow color and green reflections, foreshadow the liveliness and nobility of the wines that will be produced. As for its leaves, which are small, orbicular, and blistered, they hint at the subtleties of color and aromas that our winemakers know how to reveal.

Aromatic potential:

Sauvignon Blanc reveals a palette of rich and complex aromas, ranging from citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit) to white flowers (iris, acacia, lime blossom), vegetal scents (mint, broom, boxwood), and notes of white fruits (peach, pear), and even exotic fruits (pineapple, passion fruit, lychee), always with a fresh and precise mineral note.

Food pairing:

Sauvignon Blanc seems to awaken the dishes it accompanies each time, bringing them energy, freshness, contrast, and harmony. It pairs wonderfully with seafood such as smoked fish, ceviche, grilled sardines, and marinated mussels. It is also an ideal companion for goat cheese, such as Chavignol, Saint-Maure-de-Touraine, or Valencay, and pairs well with more sophisticated dishes such as monkfish blanquette, chicken marinated with lemons and green olives, lemongrass scallops, ginger shrimp with coconut milk. When enjoyed on its own, you will discover its uniqueness.

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