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Les Vignobles Villebois: uncompromised focus on Loire Sauvignon Blanc appellations and wines.

Joost de Willebois


Our Estates and Appellations:

Les Vignobles Villebois evolved from Joost de Willebois’ passion for the wines of the Loire, their outstanding quality, and the art of living that it is associated with, a subtle softness, a true distinction, and a prestigious history. A world unto itself, nestled by the river.

Les Vignobles Villebois is an innovative structure where several of the unique appellations from Touraine and the Centre Loire region are represented, ensuring new heights for these exceptional wines.

A unique grape variety, countless journeys.

The wines of Les Vignobles Villebois have been selected with the discernment of a team of seasoned collectors, the appetite of gourmet connoisseurs, and the fervor of passionate enthusiasts. With Joost de Willebois, the plots are identified as best suited to express the rich tradition of winemaking along the Loire, in all its diversity and historical depth, prioritizing one of its most emblematic grape varieties: the Sauvignon Blanc.

An intimate story, a personal commitment.

Joost de Willebois’ passion for the excellence of Loire wines is deeply woven into his personal history. A descendent of an ancient French family that settled in Holland in the 19th century, Joost sought to cast a greater global spotlight on a centuries-old winemaking tradition. This fervent wine connoisseur established a vibrant structure where appellations from Touraine, Quincy, Sancerre, and Pouilly-Fumé are proudly represented.

Uncovering the Trésors de Bacchus

Our wines have multiple embassies!

First and foremost, they can be found in our boutiques in Sancerre (18) and Saint Aignan (41), located closest to our vineyards. But they are also available online, delivering to every corner of the world, even far, far away from the Loire.

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