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A world of its own by the river

Les Vignobles Villebois evolved from Joost de Willebois’ passion for the wines of the Loire, their outstanding quality, and the art of living that it is associated with, a subtle softness, a true distinction, and a prestigious history. A world unto itself, nestled by the river.

Les Vignobles Villebois is an innovative structure where several of the unique appellations from Touraine and the Centre Loire region are represented, ensuring new heights for these exceptional wines.

Les Vignobles Villebois embodies a spirit.

It is a spirit of sincere curiosity, innovation, ambition and of course promotion. This spirit permeates every step of the winemaking process, from the delicate emergence of the first vine buds to the moment of tasting.



For each of our estates, one action takes precedence – the craftsman-vintner pruning the vines, year after year. For Les Vignobles Villebois, it is the true artist at work, the one who enables the vine to transform into wine, from harvest to bottling.

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Explore our different appellations to find out more about their characteristics and the estates that reveal them

Touraine Chenonceau
IGP Val de Loire
Vin de France

Le Sancerre

Perched upon the “piton,” the Sancerre vineyard embodies the near-noble privileges that contribute to the glory of the “Sancerre” appellation: an ideal exposure, gentle slopes sheltering it from inclement weather, siliceous and limestone soils, and a millenary viticultural history. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir are the two grape varieties that represent these exceptional estates. Within the Villebois’ estates, we strive to live up to the illustrious name of “Sancerre.”

Find the Sancerre appellation in our collections:


This appellation, designating the right bank of the Loire, between Berry and Burgundy, at the heart of the Nivernais region, carries a unique name. This name articulates the “flinty” aroma that characterizes its wines, an appellation to which the winemakers of Villebois’ estates dedicate their expertise.

Find the Pouilly-Fumé appellation in our collections:


For the Menetou-Salon appellation, marked by a deep geological past, required all the passion of the Villebois estates’ winemakers. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir coexist here, their roots drawing from the limestone and sedimentary depths of what was once a sea stretching between the Fort Sancerrois region and the Berrichonne Champagne.

Find the Menetou-Salon appellation in our collections:

Le Quincy

Historically the first Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) in the Loire Valley, due to its character or at least owing to the unique conditions of its flourishing – light, gravelly, and sandy soils that quickly warm in the sun – Quincy is a must. From this dominant plateau to the west of Bourges, the winemakers of Villebois ‘ estates are captivated by its unparalleled personality.

Find the Quincy appellation in our collections:

Le Touraine Chenonceau

A new appellation for an ancient land steeped in glorious history, Touraine-Chenonceaux is a perfect match of tradition and modernity, destined for the Villebois‘ vineyard winemakers. The Sauvignon Blanc grape variety takes center stage. On both banks of the Cher, a sibling to the Loire, through a meticulous selection of our harvests, the ambition is to make this newcomer the future champion.

Find the Touraine Chenonceau appellation in our collections:

Le Touraine

A single grape variety – Sauvignon Blanc – for a variety of soils promising all variations, all subtleties, and above all, the greatest amplitude of expression for our winemakers. This is what the Touraine appellation means for the Villebois’ estates. “Perruche”, “bournais perrucheux”, “aubuis” or “gravels” are each time an opportunity for exceptional winemaking.

Find the Touraine appellation in our collections:

Val de Loire

Sauvignon Blanc, among all its properties, has, above all, the ability to absorb the characteristics of the terroirs to lend its freedom to reveal the richness and depth of a region. By cultivating plots scattered throughout the Loire basin, the Villebois Domaine translates here, in wine, an entire region, an entire history.

And what a region and what a story.

Find the IGP Val de Loire appellation in our collections:

Vin de France

The banks of the Loire, for their clemency, grace, and breadth, provide an exceptional opportunity for the winemakers of the Villebois Domaine. Here, they are offered in all their variety. Through this appellation, considering the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir grape varieties, we have been keen to translate this great territorial heart of France into our wines, in all its excellence.

Find the Vin de France appellation in our collections:


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Find the Effervescent appellation in our collections:

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